Facial hair: what’s the best-suited solution?

      Facial hair: what’s the best-suited solution?

      Over the years, the demand of hair removal techniques for men and women has increased multiple folds, making it the most critical segment of the cosmetic industry. There are various options to get rid of the unwanted hair of every body part; arms, under arms, legs, bikini line, chest, and face. Yes! The facial hair, too, has different removal methods other than shaving. Alternatives like waxing and tweezing have proven to be effective.

      To pick the best suitable, you have to know them in detail and also research the advances like facial hair removal kit Veet that makes the removal a convenient process.


      Basics of shaving

      Shaving, one of the easiest and convenient methods for the hair of legs and arms, makes some risk for the facial hair. The risk of nicks and cuts on the face is something you don’t want to take if you don’t know the right directions to shave. Where men generally are okay with the shaving, women do not prefer since they will see the regrowth coarser and sooner.

      • Preferable for- Oily and healthy skin
      • Pain- Mild pain if not done correctly.
      • After-care- Use a moisturizer. Avoid any product with alcohol.


      Basics of tweezing

      Popular as another hair removal technique tweezing is commonly used for the eyebrows or chin hair. Now, facial hair is susceptible to rashes and irritation; you need to be careful regarding the quality of tweezers. For a perfect brow shape, get it done by a professional initially.

      Also, longer hair gives better results with tweezers, thus allowing the hair to grow a proper length is essential.

      Note- People finding this process painful can go for facial hair removal kit Veet, that has all the ingredients of hair removal.

      • Preferable for- any hair type
      • Pain-Generally a slight sting, but it may vary.
      • Aftercare- Use a moisturising gel.


      Basics of waxing

      A universal solution to the unwanted hair of any of the body parts, waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal. It is also useful for the facial hair, mainly used for upper lip and chin area. Now since the facial hair is sensitive, you need to use facial wax strips for the process. Moreover, there are products specifically made for such skin. Ladies are also switching to facial hair removal kit Veet at home and are satisfied with the results.

      • Preferable for- Anyone except people with sensitive skin.
      • Pain- It can be slightly painful. Depends on waxing experience.
      • Aftercare- No touching and scratching the skin. Applying aloe vera gel is suggested.


      To Sum Up

      So, what you choose for the facial hair depends on the preference and the skin type. Whatever be the choice, it must be the result of proper research and experiences. Also, it is not mandatory to go for a single method for every part of the face. Tweezers are a common choice for eyebrows as waxing is for chin hair. So, it's absolutely okay to have various tools for the facial hair.