Introduction to Various methods of hair removal

      Introduction to Various methods of hair removal

      Sugaring, a hair removal method similar to waxing, was practiced for the first time around 60 B.C, then advancing and introducing waxing over the years. So, waxing is that old and still prevalent as the most popular method.

      Waxing is commonly used by young people who do not care about the pain and discomfort and readily take up the adventure. Moreover, unlike shaving, waxing methods of hair removal that remove the hair from roots and regrow them not before 3 to 6 weeks. Though many people prefer salons for the procedure, others choose their home for the same. However, performing waxing at home by yourself needs preparations and knowledge in advance. The must-have information varies from the types of wax and waxing methods to the procedure.


      Types of wax

      Many a time, you would not have considered the type of wax used in the salon you went to, but it must be. As one wrong choice can make a substantial adverse impact on your skin, the detailed study of different waxing methods of hair removal is necessary.

      Have a look at various types of waxing:

      Heated soft wax: This wax generally comes in a pot that is heated over microwave or warmer. The reason behind their popularity is the consistency after heating. The texture makes it easy to spread evenly and thus removes the hair efficiently.

      In addition to this, the heat also opens up the pores, making the process easier and painless.

      Cold soft wax- As the name signifies, this requires no heating and is directly applied to the skin. Now, this type offers an excellent waxing method for hair removal when you are in a hurry as you don’t have to worry about overheating or burning yourself.

      The only issue is that it is firmer than the heated wax and thus may not grab all the hair at one go.

      Ready-to-use strips- It is an unconventional method of waxing where you need no wax but only the pre-made strips. Hence, it is best to start with. A beginner, without any worries, can apply the strips and pull in the right manner.

      Hard wax- Another unconventional technique; this method needs no strips. It needs to be slightly heated but not as much as the soft heated wax. The rest of the procedure remains the same as the usual waxing.

      Chocolate wax- It is equally popular and is chosen for its contribution to healthy skin and painless waxing. Though slightly expensive, it is better if you are looking for high-quality wax.

      Fruit wax- It is similar to the hard wax but gentler than that. Fruit wax is packed with fruit extracts, including plums and berry, and has antioxidants in it.

      The different waxing methods for hair removal mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages. So, only when you go through them individually, you can find out the best one for you.