Laser Hair Removal

      Hair Removal : A description of laser hair removal.

      As you may be aware, the cost of frequent shaving, waxing and depilatory creams can really add up over the years. Being beautiful sure takes a lot of effort and money! At other times, it can be difficult to fit these hair removal methods in to your already packed schedule. If you feel as though there are not enough hours in the week to get to grips with hair elimination, perhaps it’s time to invest in a longer-lasting solution. Maybe it’s time you considered laser hair removal.

      By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you might be tempted to bid farewell to short-term hair removal that you’ve been living with all your life! 

      How Does it Work? 

      Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment that uses a highly concentrated beam of light to penetrate the hair follicle and dissolve the hair directly from the root. The laser is delivered via a hand-held application device, to the surface of the skin where it targets the hair. [1]  The sensation is similar to the snap of a rubber band. Before the treatment, the esthetician will apply a protective skin gel or work it over with a cooling device in order to prevent skin from over-heating. [2][3]

      Once the session is complete, you may be given a steroid cream or ice packs to reduce any swelling and redness of the skin. [4]It can take between four to six treatments spaced around six weeks apart for the benefits to become obvious and much more long term. Touch-ups are required every few months to keep regrowth at bay. [5] It’s important to limit plucking, waxing and shaving as much as possible for at least six weeks before treatment in order to give hair time to grow. [6]

      Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

      Regrowth of hair post-laser hair removal tends to be much less than with other methods, as the hair is often softer and lighter in colour once it grows back. [7] The treatment is quick as well, since each pulse of light takes just a split second to dissolve hair. Because the laser is so precise, tackling a single hair at a time, it’s effective at treating smaller areas such as the underarm and upper lip. [8]

      There is virtually no need for a post-treatment resting period, which means that you can return to work straight after a session. Your technician can also tailor a laser treatment according to your skin tone, hair colour and the area of unwanted hair on the body. [9] Laser light uses precise wavelengths required to treat each hair, which means that lasers usually eliminate hair the first time around. Technicians can treat multiple hairs simultaneously making it one of the quickest methods of hair removal available. Laser hair removal is suitable for anyone with darker, thicker hair with a lighter skin tone. The laser is attracted to dark pigment and doesn’t damage surrounding tissue. [10]

      IPL, a good alternative

      Intense Pulsed Light Technology is a great alternative to laser hair removal. Similar to laser treatment, IPL is a non-invasive hair-reduction approach that uses heated pulses of light to focus on hair to dissolve it.[11] These days, you get laser hair removal devices that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your home.

      Whether you opt for laser hair treatment, or even try a laser hair removal device at home, it’s great to know that there are long-term hair removal options out there. But if you are keen to treat yourself to a trip to the salon, then laser hair removal might be the choice for you. You could even fit a session into your lunch break! So if you’re looking for long-lasting results in as little as four to six sessions, you may want to book an appointment soon.