Let’s talk about chest hair!

      Hair Removal : Let’s talk about chest hair!

      As much as some would hate to admit it, the fact remains that for a number of men, the way they dress and their general attitudes towards their bodies, whether it be at work, playing sports or even in preparation for a first date, are dictated by the desire to look their best… and their grooming routines are no exception.

      The modern man is confronted on a daily basis with the question of ‘hair or no hair’. Earlier generations of men would have shuddered at the thought of sporting smooth, hairless skin. But the modern metrosexual man is more confident in his sexuality and appearance. From commercials featuring models that are as smooth as ice, to ever changing beard trends, men have their work cut out in an attempt to follow and adapt to new styles. Let’s focus our attention on one of the features that most distinguishes men from the opposite sex: chest hair.

      Why it’s there

      The reason why men, contrary to most women, have chest hair in the first place is all down to one reason alone: hormones. Men have special hormones called ‘androgens’ of which testosterone is the primary and most well-known example.[1] During puberty, men normally begin to produce an increasing amount of androgens. In turn, these hormones transform vellus hair follicles (which produce fine, colourless hair) into terminal hair follicles (which display longer, denser and pigmented hair)[2]. The amount of testosterone present in a man’s body, alongside the number of hair follicles one possesses, will consequently affect the density, length, and vibrancy of their hair.

      A Brief History of Chest Hair

      Historically primates were covered, from head to toe, in body hair. This was mainly due to hair acting as a protective barrier and a regulator of body temperature. Although we still somewhat sport our ancient coats of hair, evolution has led to a significant reduction in body hair on human beings. As we began walking upright, the necessity to disperse body heat became paramount and the relatively hairless body facilitated sweating.[3]

      Chest Hair in Society

      Chest hair has been perceived in an ever-changing manner throughout history, from off-putting during certain periods to being viewed as a signifier of attractiveness, virility, and dominance in others[4]. In ancient Greece for example the hairless, muscular man was considered attractive while the hairy body? Not so much.

      During the 20th century on the other hand, facial and body hair was all the rage, somewhat reflecting the time; free love and sexuality[5]. In more recent times, we have again moved away from the macho, rug-like Austin Powers chest hair to a more clean-cut, groomed torso, extremely well sported by particular athletes[6].

      Hair removal for men

      This is not to say chest hair has completely lost its appeal. By all means, most men are really proud of their hairy chests. If you are one of those men, go ahead and flaunt your chest. But if you want a smoother chest, there are many ways to remove the excess hair and get the smooth chest you desire.  From permanent hair removal methods to fast, easy-to-use depilatory products, men now have now more choice than ever before. Being hair free is now really simple and convenient.

      Long-term solutions

      Intense Pulse Light is one way you can permanently reduce hair growth. As the name suggests, IPL uses pulses of light to safely reduce hair growth at the root. A beam of light is fixed on the hair follicles we spoke about earlier[7]. The hair dies out and the follicle must then painstakingly build new strands, which can take a really long time. Over a period of time, the hair disappears entirely. Rather than making monthly trips to the salon, you can use the IPL technology if you want a long lasting solution to your grooming issues. IPL technology can provide silky smooth results from the comfort of your own home, in as few as ten sessions.[7]

      Short-term solutions 

      Alternately, if you prefer a short-term, faster treatment, Veet hair removal cream could be the way to go. It works in three to six minutes[8] on all skin types and can provide longer lasting smoothness compared to shaving[9]. Make sure you always follow the guidelines provided and be careful not to leave the cream on for longer than the indicated time.

      We hope this article has broken down a few common boundaries when it comes to male grooming. Guys, if you’re wanting to show off those hard worked on abs and pecks, don’t let a hairy chest stand in your way.