Roll On Kits for Home Wax

Veet Easy wax roll-on home waxing kit

Veet Easy wax roll-on home waxing kit

Veet instant waxing kit is made for those who are frequent travelers as this Veet home waxing kit is very easy to carry and use. Like other waxes, it's not very heavy neither it takes a lot of space. The best part of this Veet roll-on wax is that it easily lets you roll on the wax strips and apply it.

The Veet easywax electrical Roll On Kit features an electrical applicator that heats wax to the perfect temperature for salon quality results, helping you achieve smooth skin that lasts for up to four weeks.

The applicator allows you to roll on wax in even layers to leave your skin soft and smooth.

How to use Veet easywax electrical Roll On Kit

  • To use the Easy Wax Roll-On Kit, you just have to put the wax refill into the device, plug it into the mains and leave it for about twenty minutes till the wax has melted.
  • Now roll it onto the areas that you wish to remove the hair from, the wax cartridge has a roller head to ensure that the wax comes out in a smooth and even layer. If you are tackling underarm hair or your bikini zone, you can use specific refills with specially-designed heads for further ease and comfort.
  • Now take the fabric strip provided and push it down onto the wax, leave for a few seconds and pull it off in a fluid motion against the direction of hair growth.
  • Use the provided perfect finish wipes to get rid of any excess wax, although if you’ve run out of these you can use baby oil and a cotton swab. If any individual hair managed to escape, simply pluck these out. Do not wax the same area twice.

Benefits of using Veet roll-on wax

  • Extremely portable waxing kit
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Easy to use waxing strips included with the package
  • This kit is also very cost-effective