Getting under the Underarms

The two most common areas of frequent hair removal are the legs and the underarms. Removing hair from the underarms is easy, but you have to do it quite frequently. Frequent hair removal in this area is stressful to the delicate skin in the underarm region. 
You can try the three prevalent methods of underarm hair removal – shaving, waxing and epilating. Let’s take a look at all three so you can choose the best method for yourself.




It is the most common form of hair removal. It involves the use of a razor blade across the skin, so that the hair is sliced off at the surface and close to the skin as possible. Naturally, the blade can cause many cuts and abrasions. The skin may become tender if it is shaved every day, and the hair also grows back coarse and thick. Shaving is not recommended for those with sensitive skin or thick hair growth. However, it is the quickest method of hair removal








Waxing is a form of epilation, i.e. it removes hair from the root. This form of hair removal results in hair that takes much longer to regrow, and a finer, sparser hair growth. Waxing is normally done is a salon, but you can do it by yourself at home using a wax strip or heated spa wax. It is advisable to let the hair grow longer than 2 mm but not longer than half an inch before you wax the skin. You can wax your underarms to keep the area hair free for much longer.








Depilatory creams are the most painless method of hair removal. The cream is applied to the hair to dissolve the hair proteins just below the skin’s surface. The hair is removed smoothly and easily, and it stays away for longer than shaving, but it returns faster than waxing. Depilating using a cream is quite convenient as well, and you can even do it in the shower. Do test the cream on a small patch of skin 24 hours before using it, so that you are sure there will be no adverse reaction with use.






As you can see, these three easy solutions can be adopted to remove underarm hair. There are pros and cons of each method, so you can try the one that suits you best.