Staying Out for the Summer

Summer is great, isn’t it? The days are long, the nights are warm and the air is crisp. Many people feel that summer is their favourite season, when nature is out in all its glory and accords ample opportunities to spend the day outdoors. But while many of us enjoy the high temperatures of summer, the season does come with its fair share of beauty challenges, from hair removal to sun exposure. And while we recommend keeping your skin safe from the sun’s harsh glare, there is no need to hide it in the shade! In this article, we offer top tips for preparing your skin for the summer and getting a healthy, radiant glow.

Love your Smooth Legs

What’s one of the first things to happen when the mercury rises? The hemlines get shorter! It feels great to air your summer wardrobe once again, but your enthusiasm can get dampened if you have dry skin. But you can take steps to bring the glow back to your skin. Start by moisturizing, especially after bathing[1]. We recommend reducing the numbers of long, hot showers you take during this time, so that your skin does not get dehydrated[2]. If you have dry skin, it is better to keep away from shaving the hair on your skin since the blade scrapes away your skin’s natural oils, creating more dryness[3]. Instead, you can explore other options like waxing, which requires less frequent contact with the skin. For the best results, it’s good to wax your skin all year, and not just during summer, so that your legs are always ready for any new fashion trend.

Getting Bikini Ready

It’s not just your legs that will be exposed this summer. If you are thinking of spending time on the beach, you will also wear a brand new bikini. And wearing a bikini entails getting your bikini zone fresh and ready for bathing suits. But the bikini zone is often a sensitive area for hair removal, so many women fear removing the hair down there. However, you can try some really great options that suit the sensitive bikini area skin. If it’s a last minute touch-up, opt for a depilatory creams – simply apply the cream in the shower, and remove it in five minutes[4], just in time to shampoo and condition your hair! But if you are just starting to remove the hair, you can use Veet’s Easy Grip wax strips that are especially designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas in the bikini zone. You get smooth skin for up to four weeks. These wax strips are a great option to pack in your holiday luggage, and they don’t even add to the weight of your bag!

Safe and Sunny

With all this talk of showing off your skin this summer, it is important to ensure your safety when it comes to sun exposure. Too much sun exposure causes issues like dryness, fine lines, ageing signs and more dangerous skin conditions[5]. Like the rest of your body, your skin also needs care and you must practice moderation even in terms of sun exposure. Give yourself regular breaks from the sun, especially during the hottest hours[6]. When choosing a sun block cream, first look for its UV protection factor, and always remember to re-apply sunscreen if you’ve been out for a swim. Finally, remember to have fun with tanning, but also to be responsible when doing so – tanning should not put your skin in danger. There are several skin types out there, and you must be comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Whether you’re taking up a new sport or baring it all at the beach, summer should be a time to celebrate the warm temperatures and the beauty of your skin. Don’t let hair removal or dry skin become insurmountable challenges. Our top tips can guide you on your way to showing off your glowing, healthy skin in no time.