Alternative Reasons for Hair Removal

      Hair Removal : Alternative Reasons for Hair Removal

      Women the world over choose to remove the hair on their bodies because they don’t like the way it makes their skin look. But there are other reasons for hair removal, besides mere vanity. Hair removal trends may come and go, but the reasons for removing body hair remain constant. Let’s take a look at some pros of staying smooth and hair free.


      Removing body hair is important from the point of view of general hygiene. Hair-free armpits can significantly reduce the incidence of sweat collecting in the area and causing body odour. Sweat begins to smell when the bacteria present in it breaks down the fats and protein in the sweat. Hair is porous and it can absorb the sweat, bacteria, and the odour as well! Thus, by removing the hair, you can prevent the chances of body odour.


      The feel of hair-free skin is simply wonderful. It could be a different feel when it comes to skin on skin contact, or the way the clothes feel against the body. The feel is awful when the hair is rough and scratchy (like the growth after shaving), and it gets worse when the stubble is shaved. Waxing is best when it comes to removing the hair from the roots. The hair is pulled off at the roots, hence they come back softer and finer than before. 


      Sportspersons choose to remove the hair from their bodies to improve performance and aerodynamism. Hair-free skin also improves the comfort of wearing clothing made out of skin tight Lycra, and reduces the drag and resistance from water and air. It may seem quite strange to think that only a few hairs could make such a difference, but it has been known to win and lose races!

      Whatever the reason for removing hair, it is important to choose the right method of doing so, whether it is waxingdepilatory creams, or something a bit longer lasting. There are many methods of hair removal, and each have their own pros and cons. Try using the Find My Veet tool on our website, to work out which could be the best option for you.

      So whether for hygiene, comfort or looks, you can rely on Veet to offer you a solution.