An introduction to permanent hair removal methods

      An introduction to permanent hair removal methods

      Are you, like million other modern ladies, seeking a permanent hair removal method? No matter what you do; tweeze, shave or wax, the fuzz appears again. It’s annoying, isn’t it? So, exploring some ways which will help you get rid of the unwanted hair forever becomes an unavoidable approach.


      Are there any permanent hair removal techniques?

      Well, this is a debatable topic. Some medical marketing campaigns claim a few methods to permanently remove the unwanted hair, while others argue that it’s not possible. You need to know that hair growth is a complex process and depends upon several factors that include diet, nutrition, lifestyle, hormone, heath, etc. Besides, the tools and techniques you apply on the skin for their removal also create an impact.

      For example, shaving cuts the hair above the skin surface, so the regrowth somehow seems to be thicker and coarser. Also, the fact that the regrowth appears pretty sooner prevents shaving from being in the list of permanent hair removal methods.


      Popular methods of permanent hair removal

      Amid all the arguments for the possibilities of permanent hair removal techniques, there are three popular methods, known for the long-lasting Results:

      Electrolysis- It is the most popular method for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. It consists of the distribution of shortwave radio frequencies through the needles positioned into the roots of your hair follicles. The basic principle is to eradicate the roots of the hair so that there is no stimulation of the new hair. Make sure, only a professional dermatologist or an electrologist does this for you.

      • You may need multiple sessions for effective results.
      • The cost depends on the number of follicles.
      • Electrolysis works for almost all skin types and any part of the body.
      • Pain and redness are the most common side-effects.


      Laser hair removal- It is the second most popular permanent hair removal method and is based on the similar principle of destroying the hair follicles. Only the source of the destroying energy varies, and it is the laser heat in this case.

      This method also needs multiple sessions that may vary from four to six times. Here you need to know that laser hair removal is not a guarantee to ending the hair growth and instead stops it for an extended period. Plus, the regrowth is thinner.


      IPL- Abbreviated as Intense Pulse Light, it uses a broad spectrum of light to target the hair follicles. The best thing about the method is that it can be done both at the salon and home. The IPL device is the best suited for people with dark and thick hair. However, they are not recommended for the fair ones.

      Apart from these, there are a few more ways like the professional tweezing and waxing, prescription medicines, chemical depilation, etc. which give commendable results.

      Have thorough research on each of them and get the best-suited method for your unwanted hair.