Bikini Wax Styles

      Veet bikini wax strips, Bikini Wax Styles


      With summer always around the corner (in our minds at least!) you’re probably always thinking about wearing shorts, miniskirts, swimsuits and bikinis – and more importantly, about how to groom the hair down there. What style you go for is completely down to your personal taste, and different styles suit different people, but we’ve put together this handy guide to help you to decipher those different choices given on salon menu cards. You can also pick up some tips and ideas to try at home with a little help from Veet!





      The standard bikini wax, this is simply a ‘tidy up’, that removes any hair that could be seen whilst wearing a bikini – so from the upper thighs and just outside the panty line, and also from the top that might peek over the waist-band of your bikini bottoms or shorts









      Extended Bikini  

      This removes all of the hair that would be taken off with the standard bikini, but takes it deeper around the legs, and may shape it into more of a triangle by taking more off of the top. This is good for those who want to keep their hair down there, but want it to look its neatest.








      French Wax


      This takes all the hair from the front, including the more intimate areas, leaving just a ‘landing strip’ on top. This wax doesn’t touch the areas behind, so is perfect for those looking to be smooth up front, without removing any hair from the back.











      This is very similar to the French Wax in that it removes most of the hair from the front, leaving a small strip or triangle, but this also takes all the hair from the back. This is the perfect style for wearing a thong bikini, as no hair will be visible from the front or back.









      This is just about as far as you can go with bikini waxing, and is the style to go for if you don’t want any hair left down there at all, completely removing everything, front and back.






      Bikini Waxing at Home

      Whilst styles such as the Brazilian and Hollywood should be left to professionals, as they deal with some very sensitive areas, the less extreme styles can be achieved with great effect at home. Veet’s EasyGrip bikini wax strips are perfect for tidying up that area, as the wax and strip are bonded together. After warming the wax up in your hands, you apply it to the area, and pull away with the easy-grip tab, taking the hair with it. These can be cut to fit your body’s contours, so you can get the perfect finish for your bikini line.