Bye Bye to Body Hair

      Hair Removal : Bye Bye to Body Hair

      Body hair is not a subject one discusses freely in public, but this just means that there are many unanswered questions. But every hair removal question has a solution. Dealing with a pesky bikini line is one thing, but discussing how to do it or getting the hair off the other areas of the body, is quite another! Women are embarrassed by the hair on the other areas of their bodies, such as the underarms, hands, belly and back. Though it is awkward to talk about them, there are hair removal solutions that every woman must try out.

      Remember that it is possible to wax most areas of the body, as also use depilatory creams, tweeze, or even shave the skin. But is essential to find the method that works best for you and your skin.

      Back hair

      Even women have hair on their backs, though it might not be very coarse or thick. Shaving is one of the quickest hair removal methods for the back, and it is tempting to run a razor blade on the back because it is so quick. But as quick as shaving is, equally quick is the hair regrowth after shaving[1]. The hair grows back quickly because it is cut at the surface of the skin, so it grows back in just a couple of days with a rough stubble. If you adopt shaving as the only hair removal method, you might have to shave quite frequently! This is inconvenient, especially in areas that are more difficult to reach, such as the back.

      Meanwhile, waxing is a better option because it removes hair from the root. Thus, the hair grows back slower and finer than before. You can remain hair-free for up to four weeks after waxing your skin. Check if your salon offers a back waxing option. You can even wax your back at home, but you will have to ask a trusted friend or family member to do it for you.

      Hands and fingers

      Tweezing is one of the most precise hair removal methods. But it is also quite time consuming. Instead of tweezing, you can use Veet wax strips for the smaller areas of skin on your hands and fingers. Similarly, you can use wax strips on the small areas of your face. But if you are dealing with only a few straggling hair, then you’re better off tweezing them.


      The hair on the arms is softer than and not as dense as the hair on the legs (for most women, anyway). Most women prefer to use depilatory creams on the arms, because they can apply the cream easily and also see both the arms completely. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair just below the surface of the skin, and they best creams get to work in as little as three minutes[2]. You can then wash off the cream while taking a shower. The hair regrowth is often softer after using depilatory creams, though some women report the opposite![3] So if you do not have sensitive skin or you are not averse to a bit of discomfort, you should just opt for waxing. Waxing pulls off the hair cleanly from the root, so the regrowth is finer and sparser than before.

      Stomach hair (Not as uncommon as you think)

      It might seem strange, but it is certainly not uncommon for women to have hair on their bellies. If you have hair on your belly, you might consider waxing it off. Use hot wax to remove the belly hair, so that the skin looks smooth and glowing post hair removal. Hair also regrows finer overtime, so it becomes easier to wax subsequently[4].

      Only you can decide whether you want to remove the hair from your body, and which method you should opt for to do it. Like mentioned above, waxing is quick and gives the longest lasting results (up to four weeks of hair-free smoothness) and Veet offers good waxing solutions, as well as many others. When you finally decide to remove your body hair and a particular method to do so, you can choose from a wide range of suitable products based on your needs.



      [2] For certain products – check instructions for additional details