Difference between Hot and Cold Wax

      Difference between Hot and Cold Wax

      When it comes to waxing, there are two distinct types: hot wax and a cold wax. The distinction between the two is fairly self-explanatory, as both types are made up of similar substances but are used for two different techniques.

      Hot Wax

      This is a treatment most often seen in salons, and involves the wax being heated up so it can be applied to the skin, and as it begins to set, it contracts and grips the hair. In this method, either the wax solidifies and is pulled off in one piece, or a strip of paper or cloth is applied and removed, taking the hairs with it.

      Cold Wax

      Cold wax works in very much the same way, but usually comes pre-measured on prepared strips. They are a great solution for home-waxing, as they don’t require a heat source. By rubbing them between your hands, the wax is warmed up to the correct temperature by the warmth of your body, allowing it to grip the hair when the wax is pulled away.


      Hot Wax


      Cold Wax

      The heat can make the process comfortable, and dilates the pores so the hairs can be removed with less resistance.



      Can be used anywhere, right when you need them – no need for a plug or a microwave.

      You can decide on the size of the area you want to wax, shaping it for different zones.



      The whole process is a lot quicker.

      Hot wax can now be used easily at home, with no need to go to the beauty salon.


      This method is very efficient, with very little wastage.



      Hot Wax


      Cold Wax

      Requires practice and building of a technique in order to use it properly.



      If the strips aren’t used correctly, then red bumps and ingrown hair can occur.


      If using a microwave to heat the wax, it can take some time and practice to get the temperature right.



      Not suitable for very short hairs.


      Salon hot wax treatments can be very expensive.


      May have to use a lot of strips for large areas.


      As we can see, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding which wax is right for you. Whether you opt for the hot wax or the cold wax option, Veet has a solution for you.

      Hot wax used to be something that you would have to go in to a salon for, as home solutions had to be warmed up with expensive appliances or through a messy and risky process over the stove. Veet developed the EasyWax Electrical Roll-On System to combat these difficulties head on. The device automatically heats up the wax for you, so all you have to do is insert the wax cartridge and plug it in, wait for twenty minutes for the wax to melt and then roll it on the areas that you wish to remove the hair from. Then take the provided fabric strips, push them on to the wax and then pull them away, taking the hairs with them! This treatment can provide a perfect finish at home, with minimal effort.

      So whatever your preference, you can always rely on Veet to at least make choosing the wax solution for you a painless process.