Find the Hair Removal Method that Works Best For You

      Find the Hair Removal Method that Works Best For You

      Before you decide to choose a particular hair removal method, learn about the available methods. Different hair removal techniques can be used to get rid of the excess body hair. Here is the complete list of how you can remove your body hair.

      Shaving: It cuts the hair from the skin’s surface level. This is one of the common hair removal ways. Shaving is painless, but there are times when it may cut your skin if you are not careful. Since the hair gets removed at the surface level, the regrowth is faster.

      Hair removal cream: The hair removal creams also work wonders to get rid of excessive body hair. These have chemicals that break down the hair structure. The cream needs to be applied to the area and then left for a few minutes post which it needs to be wiped off for hairless skin. Among the different hair removal techniques, this is one of the best and the easiest ways to remove body hair.

      Electrolysis: This is a permanent hair removal technique where a needle is used to produce a short electric current into the follicle of the hair. The procedure needs to be done by a professional, and the process is also very slow.

      Laser hair removal: The technique is a permanent solution that destroys the hair follicle using light. With the latest advancement in technology, the laser hair removal technique now is painless. It takes many sessions spread over many months for the best result.

      Waxing: Out of all the different hair removal techniques waxing is one of the most popular ones. Wax is used to remove the hair which comes out from the roots. It causes some pain, but you get to enjoy weeks of hairless skin. The hair growth is also even and less obvious. Your skin also feels supple and smooth after you wax it. However, you need to wait for the hair length to grow full for the best results.

      Tweezing: Tweezing works best to clean the excess of hair in your eyebrows or the coarse hair that forms on the chin. Tweezing pulls out hair from the root, but it has to be done one at a time which makes it very time taking. The hair is pulled out from the root, so the regrowth is slow.

      Threading: It is done to get rid of facial hair on the chin, neck, and lips and also to shape the eyebrows. Threading does not damage the skin, but since it is time-consuming, it cannot be used for the entire body. It is too painful.



      Waxing and shaving do remain the first choice among the hair removal methods, but it would surprise you to know of many different hair removal techniques in which you can get rid of your unwanted body hair. Read about them to find out which method suits you the best.