Hair Removal for Men

      Hair Removal : Hair Removal for Men

      Most men continue to believe that skin and hair treatments are for women only. So the subject of hair removal for men can be a big taboo for most men. In fact, most men are content with really hairy chests, arms, underarms and legs, and they only remove the hair from their faces (by shaving). But at the same time, more and more men are experimenting with body hair removal, and seeing the benefits of having a super smooth body neck downwards. There are a number of areas they can target and many ways to remove the hair present in those areas. Let’s look at some of the ways.

      Chest Hair

      A hairy chest is a symbol of manly virility the world over. You can love it or hate it, but if you hate it, you might want to remove it. Waxing is not recommended – it can be really painful on long chest hair! – so the next best alternative is shaving. You can put a razor to your chest and take off the hair quickly and easily. But there are other, better and more permanent hair removal solutions, and shaving will make the chest hair grow back thicker than before!

      Underarm Hair

      While some men are fine with hair on their chests, they want to keep their armpits clean. Hair in the armpits traps sweat and grime, and soon, the pits start giving off an odour. Besides, hair-free armpits just look better. You can try snipping off the hair using scissors or shave off the armpits. But the armpit area is a little tricky to manoeuvre, so shaving it can result in cuts. Instead, use a depilatory cream in the area and remove the hair quickly and easily, without any pain or injury.

      Back Hair

      While some men are blessed with naturally smooth backs, others have a layer of hair on this part of the body. The back hair can increase in volume as one ages, and the growth may even be visible on the shoulders and above the buttocks. You could pluck the hairs you can see, but plucking is not possible – or advisable – for the entire back. Since this is a larger area of skin, you can opt for electrolysis and light treatments to remove the hair for good. Do remember that these are permanent treatments and you might want to reconsider them or check with your doctor first. 

      Down Below

      Like the hair mentioned on the areas of the body above, the amount of hair you have in your pelvic area differs from person to person, and you can choose to keep it or remove it, as you prefer. The areas above the pelvis are easier to remove hair from, but this area itself is a little tricky. Your best bet would be an electric trimmer with a safeguard to get a precise cut and at whatever length of hair you prefer. If you want to go bald down there, then it is better to enlist a professional’s help because this is a very sensitive area and you don’t want to injure yourself!

      Hair Removal Cream for Men

      Often, the best method of hair removal is epilation using a hair removal cream. The best hair removal gel cream for men are to be used on the legs, arms and underarms. The gel cream gives quick results and the skin becomes smooth in just six minutes. But take care not to apply it on other parts of the body, and it must be used only by normal, dry and sensitive skin.