Holiday Hair Removal

      Hair Removal : Holiday Hair Removal

      The holiday season will soon be upon us, and already, some of the people you know have jetted to faraway places for a week or two of sunshine, cocktails and lazy days relaxing at the beach. For most women, this is the perfect time to prep the body and get that hair removal kit ready. It isr pins looking great and holiday-ready. You can hardly wait to slap on the sunscreen and don your new bikini!

      Start by moisturizing your skin a few weeks before your holiday. Moisturise every day to get soft and supple skin. It is a bonus if you have a tinted moisturizer – you can use it every day to build up a subtle, gorgeous tan and keep your legs moisturised at the same time.

      Now, as the time for your holiday nears, it is time to prepare your legs. First, you must exfoliate. Exfoliation takes away the dull and dead skin, leaving your legs looking fabulous and polished.  This will scrub away all the dull, dead skin cells on your legs leaving them looking and feeling fresh and polished. Fresh skin on your legs also means that they are in the right state to absorb as much moisturiser as they can get. Also, skin that is sloughed off dead cells helps hair removal wax adhere to the hair better.

      Now over to the most important task – hair removal on your legs. You obviously don’t want to turn up at the beach with hairy legs on display, so hair removal is a must. Make sure that you complete the hair removal a few days before you leave for your holiday – the extra days give your skin time to recover from the process! If you’re looking to wax your legs, then opt for Veet Spa Wax, that heats up to the right temperature, ready for use. Just use the required amount of wax on your legs and let it set for a few seconds. Now just pull away the wax from the skin – no need to use waxing strips – and watch silky smooth skin come to the fore. It works best on clean, exfoliated skin.

      If waxing is not your thing, then you are better off using a hair removal cream. It is bound to give you longer lasting smoothness as compared to shaving, and it is a great way to remove last minute hair growth or stray stragglers. Veet’s Naturals Hair Removal Cream for Legs & Body is packed in a portable tube with a strong lid, so you can carry it with you on your holiday. The creams are formulated with papaya extracts and camellia seed oil to leave your legs feeling touchably smooth. 

      What’s the last important item to pack in your holiday kit? A pretty nail polish that keeps your toes looking fresh and dewy inside your flip flops, as you saunter down to the beach looking gorgeous in your new bikini!