Is waxing the best hair removal method?

      Is waxing the best hair removal method?

      For most people, waxing is probably the best answer to “how to get rid of underarm hair?” The process, without a doubt, is painful, at least more painful than shaving. But again, the results are satisfying, and this factor makes waxing one of the best options for underarms hair removal.


      Procedure To Wax

      Wax keeps the hair growth away for 5-6 weeks, which is quite a reasonable period compared to the other methods. Also, the pain associated can be reduced with a few simple steps, and by choosing the right wax.

      Waxing has few easy steps to follow. Have a look at them-

      Prepare the armpits- Though you can wax directly without any preparation, if you exfoliate the skin and trim the hair, the process further will be easy and painless. Also, cleaning the area with hot water will soften the skin and hair will be removed quickly.

      Wrap yourself in a towel- As the wax can spill here and there creating an unwanted mess, it is advised first to wrap yourself in an old towel.

      Put the powder in the area- Spread the right amount of any talcum powder with a big sponge over the area to be treated. Make sure you remove the extra powder.

      Heat the wax- Read the instructions in the packaging carefully and accordingly melt the wax. Use the wax only when it is runny.


      1. If you are a beginner in waxing and are not sure about the wax suitable for your body, do try it on a small patch of the body first.

      2. Do not get a face wax for the underarms; get a body wax instead.

      Apply wax- Take the melted wax on the waxing stick and apply it gently in the direction of hair growth.

      Apply the wax strip and remove- Now take a wax strip from your kit and apply it to the waxed area. Swipe over the strip for some seconds and then remove it against the direction of hair growth.

      You are done with one section. Repeat the procedure for others. Also, examine the waxed area by looking at the mirror and repeat the process if the hair is still there.


      To Sum Up

      Follow the steps mentioned above and get rid of the underarm hair quickly. You no longer have to ask yourself how to get rid of underarm hair after waxing your unwanted body hair.