My First Hair Removal!

      Hair Removal : My First Hair Removal!

      Most of us will probably have memories of our first experiences with hair removal; whether it was noticing those first fine leg hairs, tackling some rogue eye-brows, or even the nerves of your first bikini wax.

      We asked some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers to tell us about their early hair removal memories, some of the ups and downs that came with it, and some advice they may have picked up along the way. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

      "The first formal dance of my school career was happening the following day. I never took notice of my bushy eyebrows before, but I listened with wide eyes as my female classmates described all the crazy beauty regimes they were undertaking for the big evening. It was the first time I realized that my eyebrows were a problem. I begged my mom to book a wax appointment that afternoon at her salon. I was sixteen.

      Oh dear, so many tears, so much pain. I found out quickly I’m a huge baby when it comes to waxing. Luckily, it was over quickly and the poor beautician was so patient with my constant squirming! 

      In the end, my brows were fantastic. Perfectly swooshy, a little tamer than they used to be, and definitely not bushy anymore. Were my eyes always that blue?! I had a swell of confidence and a new-found appreciation for my face. Ever since then, I still love that first look in the mirror after a proper wax and how good I look!”

      From Eileen @ Crooked Flight

      “Looking back at my eleven-year-old self can be quiet amusing. Anxiously waiting for my first hair to appear on my legs or under my arms. Why was I so impatient? Well, I simply wanted to be a grown up and for me shaving my legs gave me that stature. Now that I am all grown up and “mature” if I could tell my younger self anything it would be “don’t be so impatient” and “don’t start until you really have to”. Like a lot of other things in life, the minute you start waxing or shaving is the minute you commit to it for the rest of your life. It’s not a commitment you can take lightly!

      When it is time, though, it is important that you know how to do it correctly. I was taught well from a very young age and still use the same tips today. So let me share them with you. Being a young lady is tough enough, so I hope I can make having a fuzz free body a little easier for you all with my top hair removal tips.

      • First things first, regularly exfoliating your entire body makes your skin a lot smoother and as a result hair removal becomes less difficult and you will get a much closer shave if that is the hair removal method you choose. This will also keep your skin looking fresh and if you use fake tan in the future, your tan will look even better on exfoliated skin.
      • When deciding on what form of hair removal to use for your first time, my advice would be: The only areas to shave would be your legs and under arms. On all other areas, I would recommend wax or hair removal cream.
      • Shaving your legs and under arms is a doddle and doing this in the bath or shower ensures that the area is damp and warm. Never dry shave any area as you could create razor burn. It is equally important to use a shaving foam or gel. Your legs will be goddess smooth afterwards.
      • I would not recommend ever shaving any part of your face, though. We all get unsightly hair on our faces, especially over our top lips and on the sides of our faces. Don’t be ashamed because there is no reason to be. Using small wax strips on these areas makes getting rid of the unwanted fuzz easy and quick. My mum and I have used the Veet Face wax strips for years and we find they work really well.
      • Starting to wax small areas like the upper lip can be a great way to build up your tolerance to waxing. For me, waxing your legs and bikini line is for a person in their mid to late teens and not for anyone younger.
      • When it comes to brows for your first time allow a professional to do it for you. They are too important to mess with, and you don’t want to go out with mismatched brows!
      • The most important thing to remember is this is supposed to be fun and not a chore. So try and relax and enjoy experimenting. It is all part of becoming a young woman so embrace it.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read my post.”

      From Anita @

      “My blog Clare with the Hair was named so not just because I have waist length hair on my head, but because I am pretty hairy all over and from a very young age I had very hairy legs.

      My mum has always used Veet hair removal creams, and all my life I’ve seen them on the bathroom shelves. I had read the back of the box many times and always wondered what it would be like to have hair free legs - my mum’s looked fabulous, and mine looked like I should be using a hair brush on them!

      So one morning I decided to attempt this magic cream myself. I did slightly fear the cream; feared what might happen if I got the timing wrong; feared what my mum would say. However, the want for silky-smooth legs was too much, so setting my fears aside, I did it! I applied the cream as per the box’s instructions, waited for the suggested time, used the spatula included, and removed the Veet cream to reveal my pale but super smooth legs.

      I was on top of the world. I was just 13 years old, it was summer time, and I could now wear all the fabulous items in my wardrobe that I couldn’t before my first hair removal with Veet.

      Now 20+ years on, Veet is still my go to brand, it is just so easy to use, the scent over the years has improved to no end, and with no need to book appointments to attend salons, it makes for the perfect hair removal option if you have a last-minute event, date, or do.”

      From Clare @ Clare with the Hair

      As we enter our teenage years and our bodies change, it’s important to take it slow when it comes to a new hair removal routine. We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and stories, and thought of a few words of advice you might just pass on someday.