Natural Inspirations

      Hair Removal : Natural Inspirations

      Today, there are umpteen hair removal options available to us all. However, most of these products are rife with chemicals, and their efficacy is subjective from person to person. So it’s good news when you can find hair removal products that are formulated using natural scents and ingredients. Veet has two such natural hair removal cream variants, fortified with papaya extracts and camellia seed oil. Titled Veet’s Naturals, these creams offer soothing fragrance and the gentle touch that nature provides. Here’s a look at these creams and the other hair removal products that Veet offers with natural ingredients.

      Wax Strips

      Cold wax strips are used by lots of women today. They are strips on which the wax is pre-applied, and it the strip can be pulled away quickly to remove hair on the legs, arms, bikini area and underarms. Veet wax strips for dry skin are fortified with Aloe Vera, which is known the world over for its soothing properties. [1] Those with sensitive skin can opt for these wax strips, but be sure to read the care label and test the product on a small patch of skin first. You can also use Veet’s Face Wax Strips that are enriched with Shea Butter, and created especially to nourish the sensitive facial skin while removing the hair.

      Oriental Wax

      Oriental waxing, or ‘sugaring’, is a process in which the skin is coated with a warm and thick sugar paste, which sets on the skin in seconds. It is then pulled off, thus removing the hair from its roots. Veet’s naturally inspired Spa Wax does this job really well, and it is now available using 100% natural ingredients. The wax is enriched with purple lily and sugar fig, and has a pleasant fragrance. Veet has also created a wax for dry and normal skin, with vanilla added for a pleasant fragrance – not only is the wax really effective, the vanilla fragrance fills the room when you heat the ax. Veet Spa Wax comes with its own heating implement. Be sure to read the usage instructions carefully before you begin.

      Depilatory Creams

      Not everyone prefers to wax their skin. For those who would rather try another hair removal method, we recommend using depilatory creams. They are a great alternative if you want painless, quick hair removal. Veet’s Naturals range of hair removal creams come with beautiful fresh scents and natural ingredients. Sensitive skin types can try the special formula containing camellia seed oil extracts, and normal to dry skin types can try the cream enhanced with the nourishing papaya extracts. Depilatory creams offer smoother and more longer lasting results than shaving, since the cream dissolves the hair instead of cutting it on the surface. But test the product on a small patch of skin first. Do not leave the cream on longer than the prescribed amount of time.

      Warm Wax

      Whether you opt for waxing strips, warm wax or creams, with Veet’s Naturals range, you are certain of bringing natural scents and the goodness of plant-based ingredients on your skin. Whatever product you try from the ones mentioned above, you will get the best hair removal results and touchably smooth skin always.