Night and Day A Plan for Both

      Night and Day: A Plan for Both

      Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their daily beauty routines. Some of us are up and singing in the shower within five minutes of waking up, full of cheer and energy for the day ahead. Others dream away the morning and down many cups of coffee while trying to get through the day. Likewise, night owls like to stay up for a late night pampering session, while others would rather take a quick make-up wipe to the face and fall straight into bed. Whether you’re a morning person, or a late night bloomer, we’ve got some hair removal tips that should fit right into your beauty regime given your time preferences. Hopefully, this guide will give you the smoothest results that you seek, helping you show off your smooth glowing skin all day!

      Sleeping Beauty

      We’ve all been there – pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock or mobile phone just for ten more minutes of coveted sleep in the morning. But it so happens that by the time you’re finally up, you will have left little time to get ready and out the door. When you’re so rushed for time, you need a super quick solution that won’t add extra minutes or pile on more tasks than you can handle in a short space of time. So if you’re practically running out the door a few minutes after you wake up, you are better off using an in-shower hair removal solution for your skin. You might consider shaving, which can be a quick fix, but a rushed job could lead to few unwanted nicks or even some areas that you inadvertently overlook.

      For even snappier results, why not try an in-shower depilatory cream? Veet’s In Shower Hair Removal Cream can give smooth results in a little as three to six minutes[1], working away while you focus on shampooing and conditioning your hair. The cream can be quickly rinsed away with virtually no mess, minimising clean-up time. Who knows, it can even give you some extra time to grab some toast and down a small cup of coffee before you run out the door.

      The Early Bird

      For those of you who like to leave plenty of time to prep before heading out in the morning, whether it’s for picking out the perfect outfit, or cooking up a stack of pancakes, or even catching up with the morning paper, you may find you have time for a more leisurely hair removal method. You might want to try out a warm wax solution, such Veet Spawax, which can give you salon like results in the comfort of your own home, quite quickly as well.

      Veet Spawax is perfect for anyone with some pamper time to spare in the morning. The warming implement melts the wax in approximately 30 minutes, so you can get your outfit ready, organize the breakfast and even skim through the morning paper before you wax (but don’t leave the device out of sight and do not heat the wax for longer than 30 minutes). Once warmed, the wax is placed on the skin in the direction of hair growth, then to be pulled away after 30 seconds to a minute, without using any strips. With every pull, you will see beautiful, soft and hair-free skin being to reappear, and start to imagine what skirt will best show off your perfectly smooth legs!

      The Night Owl

      Some people just love to stay up late – they like to watch movies, read books, or even make and eat midnight snacks. If you’re a night owl, you’re often in your element at night. So why not use the night hours to give yourself a salon-like hair removal experience at home? Why not throw on some soothing music, light a few candles, and give the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer a try? The trimmer works by cutting off the hair as close to the skin as possible, without harming the skin in any way. Besides, you get sparser and finer hair after every use, and you can use the device even in delicate areas of the skin.

      Prepare for the treatment by shaving or trimming the unwanted hair to about ¼ inch length before using the trimmer. Now get into a comfortable position and start using the device. The Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer comes with a special feature for taking care of delicate bikini and facial areas. Be sure to read the manual carefully before use. When you eventually do hit the hay, you’ll know you spent your evening wisely because you now have smooth glowing skin!

      Early to Bed!

      Those late nights are not for everyone. That’s not to say that you should compromise on smooth skin just because you can’t stay up past your normal bedtime! Luckily, cold wax strips can give you smooth results for up to 28 days[2] with a fraction of the prep-time required for warm waxing. Simply warm the strips between your hands, pat them down in the direction of hair growth, and pull away taking the hairs with it from the root. After your hair removal session, give your skin a quick once-over with a Veet Perfect Finish Wipe* and you’ll be ready to start counting sheep. Best of all, any redness that appears will start to diminish overnight as you slumber. Let your body do the work, while you get on with sleeping!

      Our sleeping patterns are important, and you don’t need to change yours to achieve smooth results!


      *Included with some products. Check the pack to see if your product includes this.