Over the knee Skirt lengths through the years

      Over the knee: Skirt lengths through the years

      We all know how fast fashion trends change every few months. So what is considered ‘hot’ one day is ‘so yesterday’ the next! This applies to women’s fashion, too. Women’s fashion has evolved dramatically over the years, especially when it comes to skirt lengths…

      The 1900s saw women’s fashion being dominated by tightly bound corsets and bell-shaped skirts. Even in the years succeeding this time, it was not considered acceptable for women to show their ankles or legs. So women would sport floor length skirts and dresses to ensure that their lower limbs were always fully covered. 

      The roaring 20s saw the arrival of the dropped waist dresses. These dresses ended just below the knee. It quickly became a popular style, which still resurfaces from time to time.

      Although skirt lengths varied throughout the years, depending on what was considered to be in vogue at the time, the invention of the mini-skirt by Mary Quant in 1965 turned out to be a real game changer in women’s fashion.

      As women became more independent and confident about their bodies, it became fashionable to show off their legs whether the sun was shining or not. So, as women’s skirts got shorter, another parallel issue arose – the demand for effective hair removal from the legs also increased.

      Some of the earliest forms of hair removal included razors made from flints, tweezers, creams and pumice stones. Another form of hair removal involved the use of walnut oil and bandages.

      Luckily, hair removal methods have evolved in time from these earlier primitive ones. Today, whether women use depilatory creams, shaving or waxing, they are certain of finding the form of hair removal that suits their skin and lifestyle.

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