Prep Yourself!

      Hair Removal : Prep Yourself!

      If you have a hankering for silky smooth legs, then you’re in luck – because there are a number of hair removal techniques you can use. In this guide, we outline some preparation tips to make the hair removal process as easy as possible, and these help you get even better results.


      Shaving is one of the most common methods of hair removal around the world. This is because it is quick, easy and you have hair free skin in just a few minutes.

      Start by washing your legs thoroughly. Clean skin is less likely to develop an infection in case you cut yourself while shaving. It is also recommended that you have a wash or bath with hot water, or soak the skin in warm to hot water for some time so that it can soak up the moisture and soften the hairs.

      Next, exfoliate your skin using a loofah or exfoliating gloves. Exfoliation removes any dead skin to make the shaving process easier. Now lather your legs with shaving cream or gel. Always use shaving cream or gel, so that the blades will not cut the skin. Your skin will also remain moisturized while it is being shaved.

      Though people will tell you otherwise, always shave in the direction of hair growth and not against it – shaving against the direction of hair irritates the skin and may lead to ingrown hairs[1].

      And always use a good quality razor for every shave – it reduces the risk of razor burn and nasty cuts on the skin. It also gives you smoother, longer lasting results!


      Depilatory creams have become a much more popular method of hair removal in recent times, as compared to other methods like shaving.

      Before smearing on the depilatory cream on the skin, remember to exfoliate thoroughly so as to get rid of any dead skin. Rinse off any other creams or lotions you may have applied on the skin, or the depilatory cream will not work properly.

      Depilatory creams come in quite a few different variants. While most are to be applied to dry, clean skin, you can apply others on your skin in the shower. Still others are applied for just about six to ten minutes, depending on the instructions on the package, and wiped away with a damp cloth. Always read the instructions carefully before using the cream.

      Veet offers a range of hair removal creams that are perfect for those who want smooth legs without any pain or fuss.

      Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair down to the root. This leaves you with longer lasting results, so you don’t have to think about removing the hair for at least some more time. This is contrary to the results you get with shaving, when the hair returns in a just a couple of days.


      Whether you book a salon appointment or use a home wax kit, this method of hair removal is the most daunting. That’s because it can really hurt!

      However, waxing gives the best results of all. The hair stays away for much longer than shaving or depilatory creams. Remember to let your hair grow to at least one quarter of an inch before you wax it, so that you get the best results[2].

      If you are waxing your hair by yourself at home, do remember that there is a wide range of waxes available, basis your skin type and the body area you are targeting. In recent years, hot wax has become more popular as you get more precision while applying it, and it result in less painful hair removal provided you have followed all instructions properly.

      It pays to read up on the different types of waxes available and which ones can suit your skin type and the area of the body you choose for hair removal.

      These tips can help you make the most out of your hair removal routine, so that you have silky smooth legs for longer!