Stay clear from all your facial hair removal doubts

      Stay clear from all your facial hair removal doubts

      Peach fuzz, downy hair, or baby hair, whatever you call them, the hair on the face can be a cause of concern for you at one or another point of life. While dark or thick hair is more problematic, the light downy hair also causes embarrassment when seen in sunlight or closely on the mirror.

      So you might ask the question to yourself: should I remove facial hair? Will it enhance my facial features? Let’s find the answer to it.


      Causes of unwanted facial hair

      Though the excessive growth of hair can happen to anyone, a male or a female, it is more common to the latter. This hair growth in women is termed as Hirsutism and has no single but many reasons.


      Following are the reasons behind Hirsutism:

      Hormonal changes- The abnormal or higher amount of Androgen hormone in a female is the most common reason behind Hirsutism. These hormones regulate the male characteristics in women, and their excess release means the increase in male pattern hair growth, change in voice, weight fluctuations, etc.

      Such changes may compel you to rethink this question repeatedly, “Should I remove my facial hair”?

      Menopause- On reaching the stage of menopause, the DHT( Dihydrotestosterone) levels increase, making the facial hair coarser and thicker. One more supporting factor is the reduction of Estrogen at menopause, which, in actuality, leads to DHT increment.

      Medications- The increase in androgen hormone can also take place because of the diseases and their medicines. The most common reason is PCOS and others include Cushing syndrome, thyroid imbalance, etc.

      Genetics- If you do not fit into the above reasons, the excess growth of hair must be the result of genetic factors. Your mother, grandmother, or any other lady in the family has excessive growth, you will naturally become prone to it.


      Is it ok to remove facial hair?

      Even after knowing the actual reasons for the excessive growth, you will be tempted to ask, “Should I remove my facial hair?” and the answer is a big yes! You can go for it. Removal of this excess hair will surely enhance the aesthetics of your face and add to the confidence. Even if the hair is downy and light, it can make you worried about the intimacy with the opposite sex. Thus, without any further thinking, prepare yourself for the processes of facial hair removal.

      Several viable options are available for hair removal including the razors, tweezers, waxing, epilation, etc. What matters now is the selection of the right method.



      Facial hair removal is usual practice these days, and there is no need to shy or hesitate in performing the same. For the clarity in reason of the excess growth, you might consult with a doctor and proceed to select the best suitable method to get rid of them. So, why wait, remove all your doubts on, “Should I remove my facial hair”?