Summer Lovin’

      Hair Removal : Summer Lovin’

      The summer months are meant for comfortable, cool clothing. This means that while you lounge about in cotton tops, sipping iced tea and fanning yourself, you also need to remove hair from the exposed parts of your body a little more in the summer. We tell you how to get summer ready with hari-free, smooth skin.


      As very few of you will be donning revealing clothing, it is fine to let the hair grow out if you haven’t had the time to do anything about it. But you will have to at some point! It is a good idea to forgo shaving during this season, though it is the quickest way to remove hair from the body. This summer, make the switch to a depilatory cream. It breaks down the protein structure of the hair, so it breaks the hair just below the skin. Since it does not slice off the hair, there are no rough edges and no stubble. Instead, you get soft, less visible hair that is downy soft when it regrows.


      If you are travelling to a foreign country and planning on wearing a swimsuit, you may want to consider getting your bikini line in order. You can try a depilatory cream in the area, while a wax would be a better option.

      Even if you don’t plan to wear any revealing clothing this summer, you might want to switch to waxing to remove the hair on your arms and legs. Waxing works best for hair that is over 5 mm long but let it not be over much longer, and the results can last up to four weeks. Thus, you get silky smooth, hair-free skin for much longer.

      Besides, you don’t need to make a trip to the salon to get the hair free skin that you wanted. You can easily give yourself a wax at home using cold wax-strips. Veet’s Wax Strips with Easy Grip are specially designed for underarms and the bikini zone, so you can get precise results on these areas. Besides, the wax is formulated with almond oil and Vitamin E for these sensitive areas, to moisturise as it exfoliates.