The Benefits of Strip Wax

      Hair Removal : The Benefits of Strip Wax

      When we expose parts of our body, many of us want them to be hair free. Whether it’s your underarms when you wear a short sleeve top or your bikini line in a swimming costume by the pool. When removing hair in these areas, strip wax is very popular technique because of its many benefits. In this article we will take a look at some of the key benefits of strip wax as a method of hair removal.

      Using Wax Strips is one of the easiest and most convenient techniques to use at home as they are very affordable and easy to find in local pharmacies or supermarkets. You simply pull the two strips apart and apply them to the area of hair that you wish to remove. When removing them, make sure that the skin is pulled taut and pull the strip off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Follow usage instructions & precautions as directed on pack & leaflet

      Using wax strips to remove hair makes the process almost mess free as the hair stays stuck to the wax and the strips can be thrown straight into the bin when you are finished with them. In addition to this, they are an ideal travel companion as they easily fit into a toiletry bag or hand luggage.

      One major benefit of waxing at home is that your skin will be silky smooth and hair free for much longer than it would be if you used razors. The reason for this is, wax pulls hair out from the root rather than just removing it from the surface. With Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips, the results of waxing can last for up to four weeks and hair regrows fewer, finer and softer.

      Whilst the wax attaches itself to the hair, it also picks up the top layer of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which means these are also removed with the hair, leaving your skin looking rejuvenated. This will work together with the hair removal for silky smooth results.

      One last benefit of waxing to mention is that it is great to use on most areas of the body, large or small. So if you’re not already using strip wax to remove your hair, maybe all of these benefits will change your mind!