Upper lip hair removal: What are your options?

      Upper lip hair removal: What are your options?

      Facial hair, including the upper lip, is natural for both men and women. But, only a few people are ok with having them, others want to get rid of them. So, if you are seeking the best option to remove them, you are not alone. The massive demand for lip hair removal has led to the invention of various options. Today, there are several options available as per your comfort level and budget.


      Methods of upper lip hair removal

      Natural or artificial methods can remove the upper lip hair. While natural concoctions are not as effective as the other popular methods, they are still in use.


      Have a look at the methods:

      With the razors- Shaving with a top-quality razor is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the unwanted peach fuzz. It can be painless if done correctly and will not cost you much. However, the results are  temporary, and the regrowth can be seen only within 2-3 days.

      Depilatory cream- This is another means for lip hair removal in a relaxed and painless way. These creams have chemicals that dissolve the roots of hair beneath the surface, so the effects last longer than shaving but not more than the waxing.

      Hot wax- The upper lip hair can also be removed with the hot wax. The steps are simple-apply, press and pull. Though it is quite a painful procedure for such a sensitive area, the results are satisfying.

      Tweezers- Tweezing is a useful technique for the small portions like the upper lip. This consists of plucking the hair individually; thus, it is time taking.

      Electrolysis- It is one of the few permanent upper lip hair removal methods. It's better results, however, charge you a hefty amount of money as well as let you experience some considerable pain in the region.

      Epilators- It is similar to tweezing with a slight difference that the epilator can remove more than one hair at a time and so is more efficient. You can face some redness after the use of epilators, but that’s normal. It persists, you should contact the dermatologist.

      Threading- Hair removal with a thread is not a widespread practice for the more significant parts of the body but is used for the smaller portions like upper lip and eyebrow. It follows the same principle of plucking the hair one by one and the results are not long-lasting.

      The techniques mentioned above are popular amongst the young gents and ladies. You can pick the best-suited as per your requirements. Nonetheless, if none of them appeals to you, you can try some natural ingredients like Gelatin, egg white, honey, etc.k

      At last, it is always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist for the suggestion for the right upper lip hair removal technique. Search for the right method to use, and you may discover something useful.