Use Veet Wax Strips for Face & Sensitive Skin for Pro-like Results

      Use Veet Wax Strips for Face & Sensitive Skin for Pro-like Results

      Most of you must have used tweezers or got threading done to get rid of your upper lip hair and other facial hair every week. You know how painful and time consuming the process is, and it’s not easy to spend so much time on hair removal with a packed schedule. Have you ever considered face wax to remove your unwanted facial hair? If you’re afraid of the ‘pain’ or ‘redness’ that comes with face wax, don’t worry as Veet wax strips for sensitive face will leave you with flawless results without irritation.


      How To Use Wax Strips for Facial Hair?

      If you have never used a wax strip on your face but are planning to do so, it can be a little stressful when you first begin with it. But with time, it will become a comfortable routine, and you’ll understand the steps without making any mistakes. The first tip is not to be afraid of the pain as it can make your experience much worse than usual. When you apply the wax strip, make sure it's evenly pressed and pull it quickly in the right direction.

      Step 1: Read the instructions written on the product carefully before you start using it.

      Step 2: Ensure your skin is clean, dry, and free from moisturizers and oil.

      Step 3: Apply the wax strip to the intended area. Make sure it’s applied in the direction of your hair growth.

      Step 4: Press the wax strip firmly and then pull it quickly in one swift motion.

      For those who struggle with facial hair and have sensitive skin, it’s recommended to use Veet wax strips for face and sensitive skin. This product is specially formulated for sensitive skin that deals with peach fuzz or even more coarse hair.


      Additional Tip

      There are numerous wax strips and face wax kits available in the current market. So, often it can be a little stressful to figure out which one is a suitable option for you. However, do thorough research of the products and know your skin type before you invest in a hair removal wax strip for your face as it’s the most sensitive area