Winter Sun Seekers

      Hair Removal : Winter Sun Seekers

      The cold months of winter bite and chafe your skin – you might temporarily forget how comforting warm sunshine feels! The winter brings with it cold winds, occasional rain and a drop in temperature. All you want to do is stay in hibernation mode, covered up in woolens and not stepping out unless absolutely necessary. And we all know that this can interrupt your hair removal routine.

      However, if you have the option of moving to a warmer clime in the winter, you should go for it! Your skin will thank you for the kiss of sunlight it receives! Besides, you are bound to find the destination you crave, whether it is a bustling city, or a sunny beach with cozy little shacks dotting it. If you’re wondering where you could go, here’s a list of popular summer hangouts you can check out for the perfect antidote to winter back home.

      Beach Babe

      If your priority on holiday is to hit the waves and soak up the sun on the sands, then Miami could be a great spot for you to visit. Miami is stunningly beautiful, and it is lined on one side with eight and a half miles of white sandy beach. Besides, Miami is a perennial party place and is known for the best parties, along with its classy fashion and immaculate architecture. The beach will soon have you hearing your name in the waves. Miami not only offers you the perfect chance to reacquaint your skin with that sunshine you’ve been sorely missing, but it’s vivacious night life means you can flaunt your smooth skin and your dance moves well into the night!

      City Life

      If you’re the type to get restless after a couple of hours on the beach, a short city break might be a better choice for you. Marrakech is a popular destination bustling with tourists from all over the world all year round. Plus, it has blissful temperatures that reach around 60F in the winter months[1], which make it perfect for exploring its meandering streets without working up too much of a sweat[2]. You’ll find plenty of outings to keep you busy, between exploring the city’s colourful markets, trying your best dance moves, or getting scrubbed from head to toe at a traditional Moroccan bathhouse.[3] The seasonal weather is the perfect chance to shed that winter coat of body hair and dress up in summery frocks and strappy sandals. Although a modest dress code is generally followed throughout the city, you can still rock a summer dress while covering your shoulders and knees.[4]

      Rest and Relaxation

      Sometimes all we really need is to put up our feet, listen to the music of the sea, and lose ourselves in a good book. If you seek peace, solitude and privacy, Barbados is renowned for its selection of private holiday clubs and spas offering you the chance to have the winter-sun break of your dreams while hardly lifting a finger.[5] Many of the island’s historical colonial buildings have been converted into small secluded resorts, some with their own top quality restaurants, full spa services, and private pools![6] In a short journey, you can check out of the island’s world-famous beaches, or dare to try out one of the local rum shacks...or you could simply kick back in the comfort of your very own hammock!

      Prepping is Essential

      As with all hair removal methods, we recommend that you leave at least 24 hours before partaking in swimming or sunbathing, so planning ahead is the best approach. Breaking out winter hibernation may mean that your skin could do with a little extra love and care before you get away for a summery break. We recommend a warm wax, such as Veet Spawax, which can even be used on your delicate bikini line.

      Waxing can give you smooth results of up to four weeks[7], so this way you won’t have to worry about any touch-ups while you’re away![8] You may be worrying about what to pack, but give yourself the time to do your wax a few days before you travel. Start by giving yourself a good scrub in a hot shower. The exfoliation can help to wash away any dead skin, making it easier for the wax to grab each hair firmly, and the warm water can help to open up your pores, allowing for an easier release of the follicle.[9]

      The Spawax takes about 30 minutes to heat up. Thus, you have enough time for a quick pedicure before you get down to waxing. Once ready, glide the warm wax over the desired area before pulling away against the direction of hair growth. Repeat as needed as you watch your smooth skin start to glow again. After your wax, it can be good to apply some moisturiser to alleviate any redness. Keep up the moisturising routine and you’ll be simply dazzling by the time your flight takes off. On last tip: It’s good to pop a tweezers in your cosmetics case, for any niggling hairs left over!

      We hope we’ve inspired you to break the winter habits of keeping your fur coat on this year. Perhaps it’s time to shake out that summer wardrobe and hunt down a flight to your favourite sunny spot!