Your Bikini Routine

      Hair Removal : Your Bikini Routine

      With summer just around the corner, we start to think about holidays, sunny weather and packing away our woolly jumpers and raincoats, replacing them with summer dresses. This time of year also means we start to think about grooming our bikini area more regularly than we did in the winter.

      There was a time when the most popular way to remove hair from the bikini area, would be to make an appointment with a salon in order to get a bikini wax. However, with our busy schedules, finding the time to go to a salon can be difficult, especially if you want to do it regularly.

      Today, thanks to innovations in hair removal there are now a range of products easily available that you can use on your bikini area. The best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Forget about juggling appointments – hair removal at home has never been so easy! Let’s take a look at some of the methods of bikini hair removal available and the pros and cons to each.


      There are a range of wax products available for use at home including everything from cold wax strips to heated wax tubs and roll-on kits. One of the major advantages to waxing is the long lasting results it offers as the hair is pulled out from the root. However, waxing is known to be a more painful method of hair removal, and may seem daunting for some women that are a bit apprehensive about waxing themselves. Although it may not be the most convenient method, you don’t have to do this routine as often as others. Veet waxes can give you smooth skin for up to four weeks.[1]

      Depilatory Creams

      A convenient, safe and painless way of removing hair from your body, depilatory creams are a popular hair removal method amongst women. In addition to being easy to use, Veet hair removal creams eliminate hair under the surface of the skin, giving you smoother skin for longer than razors2. There are products even dedicated to more sensitive areas or sensitive skin. One disadvantage of using creams, however, is they do not permit the same level of precision in shaping and grooming as other methods.


      One of the most popular methods of removing hair, the razor has many advantages and disadvantages. It may be a convenient way of getting smooth legs quickly, but it might not always be suited to your more sensitive areas. When removing hair from smaller, more delicate areas such as your bikini line, it can be harsh and difficult to manoeuvre a razor.

      Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Styler  

      An innovation in hair removal, the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer might just be a girls new best friend. The new Veet electric beauty trimmer has been specially tailored for sensitive body parts such as bikini, underarms and even face. It is convenient, gentle, painless and precise. The trimmer gently shaves without its blades touching the skin so you have no fear of cuts!

      The trimmer has a separate head and comb that is specifically tailored for your bikini so you can easily and gently get a precise shape. As the device is easy to hold, you can get high precision results without the pain.

      So whether you are preparing for a holiday this summer, or looking for a new method to keep your bikini routine as easy and painless as possible, try the new Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Styler. You won’t be disappointed! It’s elegant and compact so you can take it wherever you go – ideal for quick touch ups!

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