Your Eyebrow Routine

      Hair Removal : Your Eyebrow Routine

      Whether it’s mastering the perfect cat-eye liner, experimenting with a new hairdo or finding the perfect tones to suit our skin and lips – our beauty regime pretty much covers everything from top to bottom.

      More recently, eyebrows have stepped into the limelight and dominated the beauty scene. Everyone is looking for the perfect shape and the right style. Cosmetic brands are now offering a vast range of make-up specifically for your brows - whether it is a highlighter to amplify the arch of your brow or finding the right color to solidify your look.

      Why are Brows so Important?

      They not only frame our face but they are also how we convey emotion - happy, surprised, shocked, scared or sad. Our eyebrows help to express our emotions and reactions in addition to giving definition to the face.

      How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape For You?

      As we know, everyone’s preferences and appearances are different. Some women prefer dark, thick eyebrows and others may prefer much lighter, shorter brows. Eyebrow shapes are often determined by the shape of your face but finding the shape you are happy with doesn’t have any hard and fast rules.

      How to Get the Shape

      Once you have decided what shape brow most suits your appearance, it’s time to think about how to get that shape. There are many methods of hair removal and brow styling that have been used over the years such as threading and waxing. These usually involve going to a beauty salon as they can be quite difficult to do yourself at home as well as being costly.

      A more popular method of grooming eyebrows at home is using tweezers, perhaps a tedious and painful method of grooming your eyebrows. The results may last longer, but it can be painful and it takes time as you remove hair by hair

      A relatively new method of styling your brows is using a facial hair trimmer specifically tailored for delicate body parts such as your eyebrows (as well as your bikini and underarms). The new Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Styler has two separate heads, with one specifically tailored for the face. The small high precision head allows you to precisely get the perfect brow shape you are looking for in two simple steps.

      1. Trim them for your desired eyebrow length by using the beauty comb.
      2. Shape eyebrows with the small head for perfect eyebrow contouring.

      There is now no need to endure any more pain because the cutting blades, while providing the precise shape and length you want, do not come into direct contact with your skin - so there is no fear of cuts. The trimmer is so quick and easy to use, it will just take a few minutes and can easily be added into your regular beauty regime.

      Getting the Colour Right

      Our brow routines have evolved over the years. It’s no longer just about the shape but also the colour! Strong, statement brows are widely sought after and they can now be easily achieved. Some women will go to further lengths than others to get the perfect brow as some salons are now offering eyebrow tattoos, but if you are after something a little less permanent then a lot of salons also offer brow tints. Brow tints will make the brow hairs darker, in turn making them much bolder.

      If you are looking to dodge the salon altogether then you can just as easily pop into a make-up shop and pick up everything you need for the perfect brow from mascaras to brow pencils and pallets.

      So whether you are looking to master your brow game with the perfect shape or colour, these tips are a good way to get you started! With the Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Styler you can take control and do it on your own!