Getting under the Underarms

      Getting under the Underarms

      Underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of the body yet they are not taken care of properly. Negligence by most of the people will not work; they should be taken care of properly, to maintain a good hygiene. Hair removal is associated with good hygiene and no one should compromise with it.
      Shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams are mostly opted to remove armpit hair. Let’s have a look



      If you are looking for painless ways to remove armpit hair, a razor is a great option for you!
      It is painless and a fastest way to remove hair. What you need to do is just use a body wash to lather around your underarm area, shave the underarm and you are done.








      Waxing removes hair from its roots. It is normally done in a salon, but Veet makes it easy. Using Veet bikini and underarm cream, Veet wax strip or heated spa wax you can do it by yourself at home.







      Depilatory creams

      It has always been the painless and the easiest way to remove armpit hair. Follow these simple steps given below and feel fresh.

      • Using a mild soap or body wash clean your underarm area and pat dry.
      • Apply the cream and leave for the prescribed time.
      • Clear off the cream using the depilatory spatula.
      • Wash the area with cold water and pat dry.
      • Apply lotion to moisturize the skin.