Using Veet safely

      Using Veet safely

      Getting rid of body hair is always a big concern. There are many ways to do so ranging from quick and easy to difficult and painful. No matter what, everyone wants to go with the safest way to remove hair . Well! Veet has a wide range of hair removal products specially formulated for every skin type ranging from normal, dry to sensitive skin. At Veet, safety is our top priority and we make sure to provide safe and easy to use products. The products we manufacture are dermatologically tested by experts. We provide different products for different skin type, you can choose one according to your own skin type.

      Steps for safe hair removal

      Always, test first. Before using any hair removal product for the first time or using it on a different part of your body, here’s how to test the product:

      • Apply a small amount to an area on which you want to use it.
      • Keep it on your skin for the time stated in the instructions (or until your skin starts to burn or sting)
      • Rinse it off immediately and thoroughly at the time stated or at the first sign of burning or stinging.
      • If you experience burning or stinging sensation, don’t use the product. Find another depilatory to test.
      • If within 24 hours of applying the product you don’t have a skin reaction, you can use the product in that area.
      • If you choose to use waxes, we recommend that you exfoliate 24 hours prior to waxing to deliver the best results. This is worthwhile doing, especially if you suffer from ingrown hair.

      By following these safe hair removal steps you can get rid of unwanted hair and start your day with confidence.

      Don’t shave it, just Veet it!