Veet SpaWax A Complete Guide

      Veet SpaWax A Complete Guide

      Want to get a salon style waxing at home?

      Find out all about how you can upgrade your home spa experience with the Veet instant waxing kit also known as Veet hot wax kit or Veet spawax.

      Veet spawaxstripless wax warming kit gives you a feel of salon style waxing experience. It’s easy to use, works on short hair and helps reduce the appearance of hair regrowth. Veet provides wax refills in two different fragrances: (Purple Lily and Sugar Fig) and (White Orchid and Vanilla). Veet spawax is dermatologically tested and salon tested. Salon results that last up to 8 weeks.

      How to use Veet hot wax kit

      • Using the Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit is really easy.
      • Add the wax to the kit, replace the lid and turn on the device.
      • The wax begins to melt (it may take up to 30 minutes if you add four wax discs) and you can stir it occasionally to get uniform melting.
      • Once the wax has smoothened and warmed to the right consistency, apply it to the area of unwanted hair growth using the spatula provided. After proper heating the wax becomes dry to the touch, and solidifies into one uniform flexible strip, which enables you to remove unwanted hair in one go.
      • Hair measuring as short as 2mm also comes out with it.
      • It is suitable for underarms, arms, legs and bikini line.
      • Plus, you don’t need to clean inside the device as any residual wax left will be melted the next time it is heated.

      Benefits of Veet hot wax kit

      • It is stripless wax hence no strips are required.
      • Long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days.
      • The wax removes unwanted hair as short as 2mm.
      • The perfect temperature is maintained throughout the session.
      • Experience pampering spa experience at home.