Warm, Cold or Oriental Wax

      Warm, Cold or Oriental Wax

      Waxing is the process of hair removal. Waxing, as the name suggests, uses wax to pull out hair from the root. It has been proven very effective in removing large amounts of hair at once, with softer re-growth as compared to shaving which results in hard and poky hair.

      Wax can be divided into three categories, namely cold wax, hot wax and oriental wax depending upon the temperature at which the wax is applied on the skin.

      Each one of the above methods is effective. Use the one that suits you the best.

      Cold wax

      Cold wax is usually pre-applied to pulling strips. The strips are pressed in the direction of hair growth. After that the strips are pulled out against the direction of hair growth causing the hair to be pulled out from the roots. Considering safety, Veet facial hair remover cold wax strips are highly recommended by experts.

      Hot wax

      Hot wax needs to be heated before applying or during the process. As the wax cools, it sticks to the hair strands where onto the area of application. It is then pulled out at once in opposite direction of the hair growth. The heat from the wax tends to open up pores and loosen hair follicles

      Oriental wax

      Oriental wax, also known as sugaring or Persian waxing is a non strip waxing technique for hair removal treatment. The wax forms a layer over the skin that is pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth without using the strip. It is perfect for sensitive skin and areas with finer hair. Sugar is water-soluble, making them easy to clean. This means even if you were to spill or some were to get left on your skin, you can easily clean it off with warm water. Being safe and gentle it is used by many.

      Each and every waxing technique has its own pros and cons. Hot wax can work well on thicker hair but it can be fairly messy, Cold wax is quick and easy to use but they need to be applied repeatedly at the same area to remove all hair, oriental wax works well on sensitive skin but is a bit messy.
      Use the one that best suits your skin type.