Veet Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips Normal Skin 40s

      Shea Butter and Berry Fragrance|2x More effective than Halawa|Hair Regrowth feels softer|Works close to the root and short hair|Smoothness for up to a week


      Cold Wax Strips The Modern Alternative to HalawaForget about the messy and tiring process of Halawa / sugar waxing. Enjoy a more effective solution that even removes the shortest hair (as short as 2mm) from the root. Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips leaves your skin really smooth making you feel desirable!With Veet wax strips you can have instantly exfoliated skin and smoothness that lasts up to four weeks. They're easy to use - the special Easy Grip tab helps you develop expert technique to remove hair from the roots in one easy move. Veet Wax Strips work even on short hair - and with regular use, you'll get fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back.

      Directions for use

      Veet Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips, Normal Skin (40s) could be used as follows

      Heat the cold wax strips gently by rubbing between your hands.
      Slowly peel the strip into two.
      Firmly press on strips in direction of hair growth.
      Holding the skin taut, zip off strips immediately in the opposite direction of hair growth.

      Safety Warnings

      Suitable for legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. Use as instructed . Do not use on varicose veins or broken skin. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested seek medical advice immediately. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.
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